Organizing for Action Director’s Epic Twitter Fail

One has to wonder just what level of incompetence is at work in the Obama front group Organizing for Action. Jon Carson, identified in his Twitter bio as OFA’s executive director, tweeted a picture of two baby polar bears spooning in order to promote Obamacare. The President’s signature piece of  slow-motion train-wreck legislation has derailed his approval ratings, while sending the Democrats who voted for it running for political cover.  The botched healthcare scheme is so bad, his minions have to promote it with the most shallow tactics imaginable–cute fuzzy animals.  Judging by the responses, it’s not working so well.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 3.12.33 PM

Some responses were pretty literal.

Others were blunt and personal.

Some were delightfully snarky.

Probably the most appropriate response replaced the cuddly polar bear cubs with another animal from current events – the giraffe from the Danish zoo that was shot and fed to the lions.

That situation actually has a lot of parallels with Obamacare when you think about it.


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