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Orlando Nightclub Shooter’s Wife Can Cancel Her Next 50 Ramadans After This News!

Mateen's wife texted the killer while he was doing his damage, letting her sick beau know that she loved him Click to Tweet
Here’s the deal.

This woman is guilty just like Hillary Clinton. I keep hearing doubt that she was the cause of the problem but as facts continue to leak, she helped. She knew and did nothing. She’s responsible and should have to pay the price. Yes, Omar Mateen was a coward who thought he would go out in a blaze of glory and receive some hero status by killing those Americans in the Orlando nightclub. He’s dirt right now, let the maggots do their thing.

Mateen’s wife texted the killer while he was doing his damage, letting her sick beau know that she loved him so while he was asking was the murdering that was taking place on TV.

Remember, she drove him to scope out the nightclub so why isn’t she a part of the crime?

From CNN:

The Orlando shooter and his wife exchanged text messages during the Pulse nightclub rampage, a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation told CNN. Around 4 a.m., about two hours after he started the attack and while holed up in a bathroom, Omar Mateen texted his wife, Noor Salman, asking if she’d seen the news, the official said.

At one point, she responded with a text saying that she loved him.

Salman also tried calling her husband several times during the standoff, a second law enforcement official said. The timing of her calls came after reports of the attack had emerged, and apparently after she realized her husband might be responsible. He didn’t answer, the official said.

I don’t know what law enforcement is doing and what the deal is but this woman needs to be charged, jailed and processed. I don’t care how many tears that come from her face.

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