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OUCH! Jordan’s King Abdullah SLAMS CNN’s Blitzer – Not fair of you to ask foreign leader to express opinion on your candidates

Now this was gold, Jerry, gold!

Jordanian King Abdullah joined Wolf Blitzer on Thursday to speak on the overall refugee issue and the problems being witnessed around the globe. Abdullah stressed he understood risks of potentially bringing people in and addressing them with adequate vetting mechanisms and there are trojan horses within the refugees.

“We can’t ignore and just keep refugees isolated… You’ve got to think with a heart,” said King Abdullah.

Blitzer then attempted coax the King to talk about GOP front-runner Donald Trump and his proposed ban to keep all Muslims out of the United States and he even threw in the card that Abdullah was a foreign leader with Muslims in his country so he has to feel some way.

King Abdullah answered, “You’re into an election cycle, so I don’t think it’s fair for you to ask a foreign leader to express his opinion on candidates in your country running for election.”

Check out this beautiful smackdown:

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