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Out of Touch Hank Aaron Blames Racism on Obama’s Failures

I can only imagine the constant temptation to play the race card if you are black or another minority in today’s society. Far from helping the races to come together, President Obama seems to have become a lightning rod that pushes the races further apart while at the same time, creating a great deal more angst between them.

Hank Aaron is a case in point. He was recently interviewed by by the folks at USA Today and let his hair down. The 80-year-old retired baseball player shared his opinion that today’s Republicans are the modern-day equivalent of the old KKK. Unfortunately, Aaron doesn’t know his history all that well, because if he did, he would know that the KKK was started by Democrats and not only did they lynch blacks, but enjoyed lynching Republicans as well.

Aaron also shares some of his memories of how he was treated as a black baseball player by racist whites. He saidhe received hate mail and death threats from whites angry to see a black man about to eclipse baseball’s most hallowed record. He has saved every one of the letters.” Certainly, that is racist and tragic. But Aaron says he has kept all of those letters to remind him that things haven’t changed all that much.

I can’t imagine reading and re-reading those letters. How could that possibly make a person feel as though things have changed when by reading them, you are catapulted back into that arena where racism was on full display? How do you not bring that into the present?

Aaron cited the decrease in U.S.-born black baseball players as evidence of modern-day structural racism. Last season, just 7.7 percent of MLB players were black. When I first started playing, you had a lot of black players in the major leagues,” Aaron said. “Now, you don’t have any. So what progress have we made? You try to understand, but we’re going backward.

That’s an interesting comment, but how does that play out with other sports? When I was a kid growing up watching my favorite pro ball teams play, by far most of the players were white. Now, whether it’s basketball or football, what is the main ethnicity of the players on the field? It is overwhelmingly black and that cannot be argued. What does Aaron want, all pro leagues to be dominated by black players? Apparently.

But Aaron is simply another example of a black person who worked through very difficult and racist experiences and has come out on the other side. Unfortunately, his view is seriously skewed, especially when it comes to President Obama.

President Obama has policies very much like Bill Clinton, except Obama’s policies are Clinton’s policies on steroids. I did not like what Clinton was attempting to accomplish when he was president. I did not like what Hilary was attempting to accomplish when Bill was president and I don’t like what she has tried to accomplish as secretary of state. Does this make me a bigot or sexist? Some would say yes, but the reality is that I am a conservative and because of that, the left’s policies not only do not interest me but I oppose them with every fiber of my being.

To me, President Obama is no different because he is aligned with the leftist policies that are destroying America. Change has come and it’s not good at all from where I sit. This has nothing to do with race at all. For the left it does, because people who oppose Obama can be painted racists, but the truth is that the policies coming out of the Obama administration are simply destructive to the Constitution and America itself.

Yet, Aaron blames the Republicans for Obama’s failures. That’s amazing considering the last time Obama offered a budget, not only Democrat voted in favor of it. With his most recent budget offering, only TWO brave Democrat souls voted to approve it with the final vote 413 – 2. This kind of information makes it obvious that not even Democrats will support Obama when he’s gone off the rails.

However, Hank Aaron says, “Sure, this country has a black president, but when you look at a black president, President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud from all of the Republicans with the way he’s treated.” Right, Hank. It’s those nasty Republicans.

It’s too bad people like Hank Aaron cannot open their eyes to see the truth, but because of the shadows of racism that he personally dealt with in the past (and continues to deal with today by bringing the past into the present), he’s unable to see that truth. For him, Obama fails because of racism, end of story.

There is nothing to be done about the way people like Hank Aaron think. I’m sorry that he experienced the amount and type of racism that he did experience. The fact of the matter is that – believe it or not – not everything turns on racism. A great deal of the issues today turn on Marxism, but the left has no qualms about using a black man as president to falsely espouse the idea that festering racism is what motivates almost anyone who is white. That, in and of itself, is racist.

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