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OUTRAGE! High School Track Team disqualified after making religious gesture to God for winning race

The team was on the way to the State Championships with this win at the Regional. As a team they reached their goals. They deemed this taunting. They should be ASHAMED of themselves! That rule needs to be rescinded!

So this is where everything is now. It’s ok to praise a Gay Basketball Player that doesn’t have a team but disqualify a winning track relay team that gives honor to God? What is the hell is going on with this nation! It needs to stop!

Remind the district that elections are coming up and this will be remembered. These people need to be called out on this. I hope this gets reversed for the kids sake.

Another sad day in liberal-Amerika. It seems that trolls are all for following the rules when it’s someone besides them. I’d like to see the rule book and the rule against pointing a finger. Is this supposed to be taunting? Really? Taunting Who? Exactly who interprets what the gesture means, huh liber-trash. I guess if he’d flashed a gang sign you would have been happy .

Maybe we should all contribute to lawsuit. I bet if the male runner was wearing pink, it would be okay.

Story Originally By MyFoxHouston


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