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Over 5M in attendance for Washington DC Anti-NRA Rally, Guess Obama was right?

Over 5M blades of grades were in attendance for the Anti-NRA rally earlier this week. What a shame that the rest of the event couldn’t garner at least 1K human participants.

It’s the media that is so enraged with the NRA for prevailing over their most recent attempt to enable the Democrats’ Gun-grab legislation. It does not appear that many average citizens in Washington D.C. feel the same way!

The Washington Examiner’s Charlie Spiering showed up to see the “Anti-NRA Protest and March” yesterday, and only handful of people were there! Above is one of the photos of the crowd reported to number around 100. He has several others. The protest even featured a new pathetic anti-NRA poster created by the same guy who made the Obamamessiah “Hope” poster.




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