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Pastor Jeffress says America should know these three things about Donald Trump – AWESOME!

Here is Pastor Robert Jeffress – Pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas – speaking at Donald Trump’s big rally in Fort Worth on Friday evening.

Jeffress praised Trump, and said there are three things he knows about Trump:

1. “He sincerely loves this country.”

2. “He is truly pro-Life.” Jeffress said he has talked with Trump about it and is convinced he will protect the unborn. To those who question Trump and say they would not vote for Trump, Jeffress reminded them that Hillary Clinton is not claiming to be pro-Life. She will be a radical pro-abortion President.

3. “Donald Trump cares about and loves Evangelical Christians.” Jeffress said Trump will defend the rights of Christians and will stand up to those who want to persecute Christians. Jeffress said if Trump is elected President, “We who are Evangelical Christians are going to have a true friend in the White House.”

Watch the great speech here:

What did you think of Pastor Jeffress? Those who don’t support Trump will call this Pastor names and try to take him down publicly. What are your thoughts? Share them below in our comments section.


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