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Photo By Steven Vance, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pat Quinn Attacks Bruce Rauner With Lying Ad

One of Pat Quinn’s most recent attack ads on Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner is nothing but another lie. In the video below, Quinn’s campaign complains about how rich Rauner is, but then claim he’s against increasing minimum wage.


Now, of course, I’m not a fan of increasing minimum wage, but the point is that this is a disgusting lie used to distort Rauner’s position and to attempt getting low-income workers to vote for Quinn. What Bruce Rauner actually stated regarding minimum wage is this in his Chicago Tribune op-ed:

Raising the national minimum wage would raise the level in Illinois and in our neighboring states, eliminating our competitive disadvantage. I support that.

Without action from Washington, I would favor increasing Illinois’ minimum wage if we also adopt creative solutions to avoid further damage to our state’s already shattered business climate. That can be done by providing incentives to small businesses to help offset the added costs. It can be done through workers’ compensation reform, tort reform and elimination of other impediments to job growth.

So it is clear that Rauner supports raising the minimum wage, but has a few conditions for it to happen. This latest attack ad against him is nothing new. Liberals will always smear their opponents in the most despicable way the closer we get to Election Day.

Source: Youtube

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