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PATHETIC! Assange: Hillary Tried To Hack Our WikiLeaks Servers

It seems Granny Clinton is more desperate than we thought.

It seems Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has got word out that Hillary’s campaign team has tried to hack their servers to stop them from releasing more information about the corrupt Democratic candidate.

I do believe Assange and so should you. The seems like it falls within the realm of what the Clintons would do or at least have their stooges do it for them.

From Russia Today:

Julian Assange has claimed the Hillary Clinton campaign has attacked the servers being used by WikiLeaks. Despite the Ecuadorian embassy shutting down his internet until the US election is over, the website will continue publishing, according to Assange.

“Everyday that you publish is a day that you have the initiative in the conflict,” Assange said via telephone at a conference in Argentina on Wednesday.

The whistleblowing website has been releasing emails from Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, on a daily basis since early October.

Assange claimed the release “whipped up a crazed hornet’s nest atmosphere in the Hillary Clinton campaign” leading them to attack WikiLeaks.

They attacked our servers and attempted hacking attacks and there is an amazing ongoing campaign where state documents were put in the UN and British courts to accuse me of being both a Russian spy and a pedophile,” he added.

Well of course they failed. What makes them think they can hack Wikileaks? She doesn’t know how to do anything but lie, dodge, divert, murder.

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