PATHETIC! Far Left @Salon Smears Dick Cheney With New 9/11 Photos

Far left organization Salon must have ran out of things to attack Dick Cheney with. On Sunday, the group tweeted out what appears to be 4 new pictures of Dick Cheney watching the 9/11 coverage on TV.

Apparently to Salon, it was supposed to “make your blood boil” with his feet on the desk, or something.

The article is written by the “Salon Staff” with the entirety of it below:

The new trove of previously unseen photos of Dick Cheney on 9/11 contains many in which he looks appropriately grim and others where you can almost see him hardening into Darth Vadar.

And then there are these four pictures. Feet up, big chair, watching TV. You know, the way everyone remembers 9/11.

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