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PATHETIC! Here’s The 3 Most Absurd Climate Change Comments From Liberals

I thought I’ve seen it all when it comes to horrendous logic used by progressives to push their man-made climate change agenda, but I was wrong.

According to liberal source The Daily Edge, the Pope says that those who are “climate deniers” will go to hell. There are 3 reasons why this is a pathetic, and totally untrue thing to say.

1) The Pope doesn’t declare anyone to hell, only God does.

2) Catholics are not obliged to have one view on man-made climate change.

3) I don’t think the Pope is condemning those who disagree on man-made climate change, he’s condemning those who do not take the minimal measures of protecting the environment.

But to The Daily Edge, facts can be stubborn things, so they love to twist and distort Pope Francis’s words any way they can.

“Scientist” Bill Nye criticized the Heartland Institute, saying their hearts aren’t in the right place, unlike Pope Francis is on climate change. In other words, Bill Nye thinks you’re a cold hearted, mean person if you don’t agree with him on the “science” behind man-made climate change.

Slate is comparing apples to oranges when comparing climate change to same-sex marriage. Unlike same-sex marriage, devout Catholics are not obliged to support or oppose the science behind climate change.

The left has absolutely lost it, that they will use every type of scare tactic to get people to believe in man-made climate change. This is another countless example of exploiting the Pope’s words to push their agenda. Shame on them.

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