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Paul Manafort on Hannity: “April is going to be a very bad month for Ted Cruz” [Full Interview]

Trump’s new guy Paul Manafort is on target when he’s forecasting the month of April for Sen. Ted Cruz. There are elections in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and others that have Cruz behind at the time, and he can’t jet across each of those states while trying to catch up from that position.

I like Manafort, and I enjoy listening to him talk strategy even though it’s coded. But we have to remember; he has to talk positive, and Cruz has been doing. There can’t be any negative talk when you are in front of the cameras, or it will hurt morale among the faithful.

I don’t think the Trump supporters have anything really to worry about, and we also know Manafort is a proven winner. Check out these excerpts from his interview on Tuesday night with Sean Hannity:

The whole premise of the Cruz campaign, the second ballot. There’s not going to be a second ballot… We’re out of Cruz land. Cruz is not even going to be finishing second for the next couple of weeks. He’s going to be a distant third in a lot of places.

I think we’re doing very well in all those places. All the polls show us leading and we’re just starting to put our campaigns together there… June 7th is going to put us over but we’re not going to have to win overwhelmingly on June 7th… April is going to be a very bad month for Ted Cruz. He’ll probably finish third in delegates in April.

Watch the full interview here:

So what do you think about Trump’s chances listening to Manafort speak on Hannity? Did your confidence level rise?

Share your opinions (below) in the comment section and let us know what you think.

h/t – Fox News

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