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Paul Ryan Approval Rating Moves Up among Independents, Women, and Seniors following VP Rollout

If first impressions are important, then Paul Ryan has had a very good first three days as the GOP Vice-Presidential selection. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Ryan dramatically improving his approval rating with Independents, women, Senior Citizens and Republicans (emphasis mine below):

ABC NEWS: Americans split nearly evenly on Paul Ryan’s selection as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate, a divided response that nonetheless represents a sharp gain for Ryan compared with the negative tilt that preceded his pick, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll has found.

In weekend interviews 38 percent responded favorably to Ryan joining the Republican ticket, up from 23 percent in pre-selection interviews last week. Positive views rose among independents as well as among Republicans, and among women. And Ryan was notably well-received among senior citizens – a group of interest given his plan to reshape Medicare.

At the same time, 33 percent of adults – disproportionately Democrats – continue to see Ryan’s selection unfavorably, about the same after the announcement as it was before. The movement in his favor came among undecideds, 45 percent before the announcement, a still-substantial 30 percent after it. Enough are left to tilt the balance as they come to their judgment on the choice. . . . Read More


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