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Paul Ryan Responds To Rand Paul Complaints About Obamacare Repeal Bill; Calls It A “Publicity Stunt”

All the American people want to know is when is the Obamacare repeal hitting President Trump’s desk!

Speaker Paul Ryan has said Sen. Rand Paul’s two-day trek to reach out to the media and alert the American people that Ryan wants to include the Obamacare mandate is a publicity stunt.

Ryan also dismissed that insertion that the mandate was added to what he’s writing. Here’s my question then. Why can’t Ryan allow Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Mike Lee or Paul view the bill? Where is it and why is it under a lock and key?

From Mediaite:

Over the past two days, Paul has been engaging in what can only be described as a trolling ofhis Republican colleagues in literally searching for where the Obamacare replacement is. He’s accusing House leadership of hiding it from the public because it’s really going to end up being a watered-down Obamacare and not a full repeal-and-replace move.

Fox News’ Bret Baier asked Ryan about the general transparency complaints. Ryan responded, “Are you kidding me, Bret?”

He said all along Republicans have been very open about offering an alternative to Obamacare and this is being written by the relevant committees and not in his office in the dead of night.

Baier brought up Paul’s criticisms specifically and Ryan responded by saying while he personally likes Paul, this is one big “publicity stunt” on his part.

Who do you believe? Rand Paul or Paul Ryan?

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