Pelosi Tries To Float Lie How Obamacare Was Bipartisan [VIDEO]

Sen. Nancy Pelosi wants to change history eight years later by trying to confuse the media on how Obamacare was passed.

We know how the Democrats supermajority didn’t look to bring on any Republican amendments or changes to their bill. They rushed it through the House and then the Senate had their changes under Sen. Harry Reid , and they sent it to Barack Obama to sign. Not one Republican lawmaker signed Obamacare into law. This was a partisan bill that many didn’t even read.

Even Pelosi famously stated, “We have to sign the bill to find out what’s in it.” Now Obamacare is hurting Americans, and it continues to destroy small businesses.

In this video below, she tries to skirt the truth by speaking around the issue but she just looks foolish doing so.

If you are unable to view this video, please click here:

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