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Pelosi Triples Down On Dying Obamacare: It’s Honoring Vision Of Our Founding Fathers [VIDEO]

Can you believe Nancy Pelosi is promoting Obamacare as a vision of the founding fathers? Do you think she meant the KKK wing of the Democratic Party?

If our founding fathers wanted to provide health care for everyone by way of the government, don’t you think they would have proposed it somewhere in the early stages of this country’s history?

Obamacare is exploding. Americans are losing their jobs! Millions can’t afford to pay the premiums or deductibles. Many Americans haven’t even signed up for it because they feel they don’t need it. All in all, it’s a major crisis, and it’s falling apart because Democrats do not know how to put something together that works for the American people.

After the American Health Care Act had been pulled because Speaker Paul Ryan rushed to get something through without talking to his people first, Pelosi ran to the press mic to spin the news.

Let’s be clear, remember this day in a few months when the mushroom cloud of health care rises, and the villagers and townspeople take pitchforks and firesticks to Democratic Party headquarters.

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