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Pence After Hamilton: I Nudged Kids And Reminded Them This Is What Freedom Sounds Like

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence is a class act.

There’s a time and a place and this just shows the level of ignorance of the cast. I presume Pence was there in a private capacity to enjoy the show along with his family and the audience. If you have a political view fine, but don’t subject the paying audience to a propaganda speech of your views. The theater should refund the audience in full and dock the cast their evening’s pay.

Great job Mr. Pence. Don’t stoop don’t to the level of others. It was wrong what was done. Your beliefs are your beliefs, and so are theirs. The cast should have at least had respect for all the others who paid to see the show!

And for those not happy with President-Elect Donald Trump calling for the Hamilton actor to apologize, that’s your problem; you don’t understand him. Trump is very protective of his own. He stands up for the people he cares about. No matter what size. He’s like the loud dad that goes overboard, but he does it to protect his own.

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He might not always be right, but it’s better than saying nothing like someone else we know.

Trump haters were slamming Trump for defending his VP/friend but they can quickly cry over their loser criminal candidate losing or their kid not getting a participation award. This is why Trump wanted and needs Pence. Pence will help Trump and ALL of us to remember that we have rights to free speech. Trump was not a politician; he’s been a businessman, but Pence is the political backbone.

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