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Pence: Media Chasing Unsubstantiated Trump Allegations; Ignoring Hard Evidence Against Clinton [VIDEO]

All the negative coverage about GOP nominee Donald Trump isn’t going to change the minds of Trump supporters, if you are still undecided at this point, you probably shouldn’t vote at all.

Watching VP choice Mike Pence, he’s so right! Most of us are not being polled, and the attendance at Trump’s rallies is a better indicator of how people feel. I agree also regarding the negative publicity. Even Fox news has become more liberal.

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The media’s obsession with negative Trump news proves that they are dishonest and not to be trusted. The constant barrage of anti-Trump and pro-Hillary with hardly a mention of Wikileaks by the major networks proves overwhelming that they are attempting to rig the election.

Can someone at FOX please tell me how you’re getting your poll results? Every poll I’ve seen or taken has shown Trump with a huge lead; the crowds are huge at his rallies. You can’t get tickets to see him. More voters got out during the primaries than ever in history. But yet the media says “Clinton leads in polls” it’s such a crock of poo!

What needs to be remembered about Trump, at least by anyone who is Christian, is that he became a Born Again Christian in June of this year. He has been forgiven, by God, for his previous misdeeds. As far as I am concerned, you are in the clear, Mr. Trump. I trust you to go forward and save what is left of America.

I have more confidence and faith in Donald Trump – I honestly do believe he has the interest of this country in mind – he is NOT a politician – owes no one any favors with their deep pockets – as he said – what is there to lose by voting him in — and just look at all the real people he has backing him up and could be part of his administration !!! that is one big plus – the right people in the right places — that is why I am voting for Trump -it will be he and a GOOD DECENT HONEST administration

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