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Pentagon Allowed Workers To Use Gov’t Credit Card For Strip Clubs, Casinos

Fox News just reported the Pentagon ALLOWED, PERMITTED workers to use government issued travel credit cards strip clubs and casinos without getting in trouble. After years of watching this and hearing about it through the news, now these workers are being allowed to do this without being disciplined?

Bad decisions mean everything and at some point the decision-making capabilities of leaders should be questioned. However, this administration seems to have no moral or ethical compass. We the American people need more transparency in how our money is paid as taxpayers! It’s time, past time for this!

From Time:

Pentagon officials allowed their employees to use government credit cards at strip clubs and casinos, without any disciplinary action, according to anew report released Tuesday.

The report from the Department of Defense’s inspector general found that management did not take the correct course of action after finding out their workers used government credit cards for non-work related purposes.

“DoD management did not take appropriate action when notified that cardholders potentially misused their travel card at casinos and adult entertainment establishments,” the report said. “Specifically, DoD management and travel card officials did not perform adequate reviews for the cardholders reviewed and did not take action to eliminate additional misuse.”

Department of Defense workers spent nearly $100,000 at strip clubs and “adult entertainment establishments,” and almost $1 million at casinos, according to the report, which cited a May 2015 audit. At the request of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, the inspector general further investigated the matter.

According to the report, out of a sample of 30 government cardholders, 22 sought and received reimbursements on 131 vouchers totaling $8,544. Furthermore, officials did not consider the “security implications of improper personal use of the travel card,” the report found.

I also recall that some federal workers were permitted to look at porn on their government-owned computers on company time. Most federal departments need to be dismantled and reformulated. Most are too big and too entrenched to be “reformed”, not to mention that the Civil Service system needs some streamlining because it ensures that nobody gets fired for anything, just re-assigned.

This is what you get when you allow Obama to fire all the Generals and admirals who would not swear allegiance to him! Obama is a criminal, a traitor, and a coward, The joint chiefs should have arrested him a long time ago.

The entire Obama administration is a criminal organization, a plague on our nation. Putting the Muslim Brotherhood in our national security departments and the White House when they are a known terrorist organization is treasonous, making deals with Iran that will allow them to develop nukes and ICBM’s is treasonous! Paying Iran 1.6 billion with the first 400 million in foreign cash was money laundering and treasonous.

This is so ridiculous! It doesn’t surprise me with this administration. Oh and by the way, Hillary Clinton is just another extension of it. It makes me sick to my stomach.

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