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Philip Seymour Hoffman – When I Found My Friend Dead Of Overdose

By Jeff Rainforth aka iResistAll on Twitter:

I read about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death on Yahoo News and left a comment about the time I tried to save my friend from drugs. I escaped a life of gangs, drugs, and living on the streets when I was a teenager, so, the story hit home somehow. My post to Yahoo is below.


My friend was the son of wealthy medical lab owners. His life was made. He was set to take over the lab. He would’ve been a millionaire. Only problem, he was addicted to a cocktail of prescription drugs, one being morphine pills for pain. Three of us lived in a bachelor house. Most of the time he was a complete wreck, in a drug induced stupor. I literally had to kick his a to get him off the morphine. I also called the paramedics during an episode to scare him. It worked. He got off the morphine. He and his parents thanked me endlessly. We had gotten the old Tim back, at least it seemed that way. Tim was still addicted to many other prescription drugs though.

He told his doctor he was an addict, and that he couldn’t stop taking pills. His doctor took him off all drugs, and prescribed him Methadone. The day he got it, I saw him in the garage, shaking like he was freezing cold or something. He had taken an overdose. I was angry because he was messing up his life again. I went to bed. The next morning I found him dead in his bed. He was half-naked, greenish colored, and bloated. He died in his sleep from overdose.

When I went to the funeral, the pastor said that Tim had come in to pray two weeks prior. The pastor overheard him asking God for help. Maybe death was his only escape. I dunno.

I was pissed because I did everything I could to save my friend, but he wasn’t strong enough to beat the addiction. His parents still thank me to this day for all I did to try. Just goes to show that we can only do so much. Addictions are powerful, and take people regardless of all our efforts. Tim was 38.

RIP Tim & Philip.


me gym garage crop editJeff Rainforth, aka iResistAll on Twitter, is chairman emeritus of the Reform Party of California, former candidate for governor, and a & Wayne Dupree Show contributor.

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