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Picking and Chopping Cotton: The New Criteria For Being Democrat According To Bennie Thompson

Mississippi Congressman, Bennie Thompson, recently showed his support for a fellow Democrat running for Mayor in Greenwood, Mississippi. At the annual Beans and Greens Dinner sponsored by the Leflore County Democratic Executive Committee, Thompson spoke about many issues that should gain national attention and outrage.

Democrat mayoral candidate, Sheriel Perkins, lost the 2013 race to Independent Mayoral Incumbent Carolyn McAdams. McAdams beat Perkins in the general election by 206 votes, but Perkins’s husband, Willie Perkins an attorney, is challenging the elections claiming various voter irregularities. While challenging election results is not at all uncommon, some of the views and opinions of the high-profile Democratic Congressman, Bennie Thompson, should be very questionable.

In his speech at the Beans and Greens Dinner, he claimed that running or voting as an Independent is impossible. He claims that anyone who says they are anything other than Democrat or Republican is a liar. He backs up his theory of “middle of the road” politicians with a very colorful statement. “You know what’s in the middle of the road – yellow paint and dead armadillos.” As if this weren’t insulting enough to all common-sense voters, he continued.

According to Bennie Thompson, being a member of the Democratic Party means “you know about picking cotton, you know about chopping cotton, you know about dual education.” I know many Democrats who would dispute this. I would also venture to assume that Bennie Thompson has never been forced to pick nor chop cotton in his life. As far as a dual education he chose to attend two predominately black colleges: Tougaloo College in 1968 and Jackson State University in 1973. It is important to note that although these are predominately black colleges, they offer an outstanding curriculum to all races that apply, as do other prestigious colleges in the state.

Not only did Bennie Thompson change the dynamic of the Democratic Party with this speech, he also managed to insult and question the Governor’s faith because of decisions and views on Medicaid expansion. These such attacks add no credence to his argument, but only undermines his stance by taking cheap shots at the Governor’s personal faith. This speaks volumes on Thompson’s lack of character.

As if this was not enough, Thompson further played the race card on the recent breach of security at the White House. He stated, “We had to run the Secret Service Lady off because they wouldn’t protect him. We never had that problem with George Bush, never had that problem with Ronald Reagan.” Maybe Thompson needs to remember Reagan was shot and there were other security issues with each, but maybe not as publicized.

The most incomprehensible accusations that has come from this Congressman, is that he believes the recent Ebola victim and his family were victims of racial discrimination. Anyone with common sense knows that Ebola respects no race. The very idea that medical staff would give him less than adequate care because of his race is ludicrous. The idea that putting the family in isolation is somehow cruel and discriminatory is beyond imaginable! If he is so concerned with the treatment of the family then maybe he should invite them home as his house guest.

It should concern all Mississippians, as well as Americans, that this man has any kind of voice or power to make decisions on our behalf. Just this one speaking engagement has shown that he is not interested in uniting but only in dividing. He is not a man for the people, but a man for only some people.

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Raising awareness about the hypocritical, politically-correct corruption that is plaguing our nation is very important. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to make things better for the next generation.

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