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Pierson reminds Greta, Cruz campaign mgr behind smear ads that led to auditor committing suicide

I remember hearing about this but I forgotten all about until Katrina Pierson said something tonight on Greta’s Fox News show.

Pierson’s revelation surprised Gréta that she had to stop and go back to the allegation and have Katrina repeat herself. Watch the video below and look at Greta’s reaction when Katrina brought it to the table.

Let me remind you this is not new information this is old information that most people have forgot.

From The Gateway Pundit:

On Wednesday Donald Trump Campaign Spokesperson Katrina Pierson went On the Record tonight to discuss the Cruz camp’s latest smear ad against Donald Trump.

Pierson reminded Greta Van Susteren that Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe was the man behind the Missouri smear ads that drove State Auditor Tom Schweich to suicide. Roe’s anti-Schweich ads mocked the popular state auditor for being short and compared him to Barney Fife. Roe was also believed to have been behind anti-Jew slurs aimed at Tom Schweich.

Schweich later shot himself.

Jeff Roe was behind that campaign before he was hired by Ted Cruz to run his campaign.

Check out the video below:

If this doesn’t wake up some people to the type of employees crews brings on to run his campaign nothing will. What are your thoughts after hearing this information? Do you think this will hurt Cruz or Trump?

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