What has she stepped in?

Did the Other Pink Sneaker Drop?

Dallas Morning News reported today that Democrat candidate for Governor of Texas, Wendy Davis supports “open carry”. Wait. Wait. This is the same woman that filibusters against reasonable limits to abortion. So in her world it’s all right to kill a baby after 20 weeks. Wow! In her world I can carry my Glock into Planned Parenthood, kill my baby and get free birth control! What a world!
You know what this means? She’s in deep trouble. She wants to play on both teams but Democratic Party spokesman Emmanuel Garcia said,”There is little or no public safety justification for open carry.” So this is fun to watch. Her numbers must be awful. Go to Twitter and search her name. It was blowing up! Conservative tweeps laughing and liberal tweeps raging. I’m thinking she has no idea how she’s (ahem) ‘stepped’ into the briar patch.

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