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Pistol packing pastor fired off round at intruder and still decided to have church afterwards

An Oklahoma City pastor decided to have Wednesday night service after pulling a gun and firing on a suspected intruder.

Pastor Kenneth Morgan, who is licensed to carry a firearm, heard a commotion in the church as he prepared for his Wednesday evening services. After investigating, he discovered an intruder had broken into the church.

Morgan drew his gun and held the man at gunpoint. The intruder, according to Morgan, then surrendered, “Okay, I quit. I’m just trying to get something to eat and drink.”

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However, the suspect then tried to run off. Morgan initially pursued and, at one point, fired a shot at the suspect, but he missed.

According to local media reports, the suspect was caught a short time later:

Police searched for the suspect for about 15 minutes, until they found him in a nearby flower garden at N.E. 53rd and Lottie, where he was taken into custody .

Morgan said he doesn’t know how the suspect got inside the church, but he said the man was acting paranoid.

What do you think about this pastor’s choices?


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