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Pitiful Bernie!! The old Bolshevik blames lackluster voter turnout on poor people – “They don’t vote”

You can come up with something better than that can’t you?

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders just banged a nail in his coffin with this statement. Listen, I know Hillary Clinton, the other Democratic candidate in the race, the only one, has the major push behind her including the Super Delegates everyone knows about. If Sanders wanted to be truthful, it’s not the poor people; it’s his constituents fighting his candidacy.

He’s losing states for two reasons:

  1. He and his campaign have done a poor job of getting his message out to minorities and the older crowd. He gets butchered with them. Like Trump’s chances in the general, Sanders’ potential success is hindered by the fact that blacks and Latinos aren’t buying what he’s selling.
  2. His core base of supporters – educated people under 35 – talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Many sit home on the voting day despite being vociferous online about his candidacy.

Most of the states he’s won, other that his epic Michigan upset, have been in all-white, sparsely populated states like NH, Wyoming, Utah, and Vermont. Outside of these areas, he doesn’t fare so well.

She’s going to put his lights out on Tuesday, as soon as the Maryland, CT, and PA returns come in.

Watch the interview clip below.

Did you ever think Bernie could win the Democratic nomination? Ever since he joined the Senate he’s classified himself as an independent, self-proclaimed socialist. Share your thoughts below and let us know what you think.

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