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“PizzaGate” Conspiracy Community Banned On Reddit; But Then This Happened

I have been watching the hashtag #PizzaGate moving along social media a little before the election and picked back up after the election. In my mind, it’s a conspiracy based off of individuals out there who are spreading the very intriguing story on social media, using those who’s “conspiracy” meters are at full blast for their messengers.

Reddit banned the community according to the Inquisitor, but they have resurfaced with another discussion board similar to Reddit and continue to keep the story going.

I mentioned this PizzaGate a few weeks ago on my twitter feed. I need to see more than individuals talking about it on social media, spreading it around on click-bait websites instead of trying to bring this thing home and put people in jail, but that’s my opinion.

I thought I would even see some of these “social media journalists” traveling to these places they have been tweeting about to do on-spot interviews and making a full-fledged Andrew Breitbart type of blockbuster bombshell discovery but all we have right now are discussion boards and brush fire tweeting.

I am not saying this whole idea of PizzaGate isn’t true; I am saying it’s a conspiracy in my eyes until something substantial is placed in my hands to hold.

From The Inquisitor;

Emails linked to the so-called “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory are continuing to attract the attention of online “researchers” and activists.

News of Pizzagate first broke in the days prior to the November 8th presidential election. James Alefantis, the owner of the DC pizza restaurant Comet Ping Pong, noticed “an unusual spike in the number of his Instagram followers,” a New York Times article by Cecelia Kang reports.

Discussion of Pizzagate on the social media sites Reddit and 4Chan quickly led to publications like the alt-right website The New Nationalist and the symbology site The Vigilant Citizen releasing articles with headlines such as “Pizzagate: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite.”

Reddit banned the Pizzagate community forum earlier this week.

“This subreddit was banned due to a violation of our content policy,” a note on the Pizzagate subreddit page read. “Specifically, the proliferation of personal and confidential information. We do not want witchhunts on our site.”

Many Reddit users were, predictably, upset by the ban, particularly those on the r/The_Donald subreddit. That subreddit is popular among supporters of Republican President-elect Donald Trump and critics of former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“One former moderator of the board dedicated to unraveling Pizzagate said that the ‘entire mod team and everyone else is tightening up our opsec and putting on our battle-armor,’” a Washington Post article reported.

The former moderator didn’t stop there.

“We have all made life insurance videos,” they continued. “We have all vowed to continue this fight. You have only increased our number.”

“This morning we were numerous, tonight we are legion,” they added, according to the Washington Post.

The reference to “life insurance videos” may be an allusion to rumors that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was “silenced” due to the Pizzagate conspiracy.

I am sure if there was some truth, this wouldn’t have been banned from Reddit.

I remember when social media went crazy about the idea Julian Assange was dead and I was so angry at that. You would think responsible people would use common sense and look to #Wikileaks for proof before spreading that falsehood.

I am sure #PizzaGate will die down over a period. Why do I say that? Talking is one thing, but sooner or later people will feel the same way I do and if there is no tangible evidence, only those allegedly “cracking a code,” and using click-bait websites will benefit while the rest move to something they can hold.

To those out there who believe this, find us hard proof and drop the tweets and hours on end discussion board talk. Then give it to the police or better yet, take your cameras and go out and find the story. That will go a long way in substantiating your claim.

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