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Planned Parenthood CEO Hits Twitter To Rally Liberal Women After House Passed Bill To Defund!

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards just jumped on Twitter to rally women against the America Health Care Act (AHCA) which is on it’s way to the Senate for approval.

The ACHA strips $369 million dollars from Planned Parenthood for a year under the conditions of the bill. Some on social media are asking why only one year, but I haven’t seen an answer yet.

Richards looks pathetic as she and her team knew this was coming but they probably thought Republicans couldn’t get the votes. Well, it’s passed, and Democrats are begging in the streets to call their Senators and fight with them over changing the ACHA language.

Here’s the video:

Do you see this as sad? She said the ACHA makes it harder to prevent unintended pregnancy. Does that mean this bill makes it more difficult to get a government funded abortion? Then she said this bill makes it more difficult to have a healthy pregnancy. Where does that come from? Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with a healthy pregnancy; they don’t even deal with that side.

Republicans Pass AHCA Which Defunds Planned Parenthood For One Year; $369 Million Gone!

She finished it off with this bill makes it harder to raise a family. What??? Someone sat in a room, and they tested these words before she spoke them, you can best believe that.

Are you angry Richards has the audacity to play on the emotions of young millennials and women across America? Share your concerns in the comment section below.

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