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Vote for Behind Enemy Lines for BlogBash’s Best In Show: Podcast!

It doesn’t get any better than earning recognition from your peers.

I am so happy to announce that Behind Enemy Lines has been nominated for a 2015 Blogger Award at Blog Bash, the largest gathering of right-of-center bloggers each year organized by the National Bloggers Club.  This is the second nomination in a row for Russ Gallo and I – and we couldn’t be more proud than to represent WAAR and last year’s winner, Wayne Dupree, who is so graciously supporting us this year.

(Before I get to talking about why our show should win, just think about how amazing it was for Wayne to do that! He could have easily gone for a repeat – and probably would have won!  But like a true gentleman, he chose to allow others to grow from the fertile soil he has cultivated.  In politics, you can count your true friends on one hand, if you’re lucky.   Wayne is my friend, and I’m proud to say that.)

The concept of the show is simple. My co-host Russ Gallo and I are two guys from Brooklyn, NY – one of the largest liberal bastions in the nation. Here, Republicans are outnumbered eight to one! We’re in the belly of the beast.  And in the face of those odds, we say “Bring. It. On.” by not only being grassroots activists, but by pushing back at the twisted rabbit hole that is the liberal brain, pointing out their absurdities and highlighting our strengths.

We don’t sit on the sidelines. We fight from within.

2014 was an amazing year for our show. The guests we were able to bring our listeners were a veritable “Who’s Who” of conservatism. Rick Perry. Darrell Issa. Fred Thompson. Dinesh D’Souza.  The list goes on and on. To think that all these movers and shakers stopped by our little show!

But as cool as the big interviews are, it’s the shows that open people’s eyes that I like best. Getting eye-to-eye with so many great conservatives at events like CPAC and Values Voter Summit – for a guy from “The People’s Republic of” New York City surrounded by liberal lunacy – that’s why I do what I do. Whether it’s joking around with Todd Starnes about how absurd Obama is, or trying to get a word in edgewise with Jessie Jane Duff when she gets on a roll talking about veterans affairs, every show brings with it something meaningful to someone listening. Here are some photos of our coolest moments!

But if I had to point to one moment of all the highlights of 2014, it would have to be when Wayne gave me “the keys” to drive the car that was WAAR’s Decision 2014 coverage – the first independent grassroots coverage of a national election! What a pressure cooker.  I was at the helm for close to eight straight hours of nonstop coverage as our WAAR correspondents checked in from across the nation. It was the highest rated night for the network of the year! To be at the center of that – wow – it was a rush and a half! I’ll never forget it.

The show has also been a catalyst to bringing up young talent locally. The show has been responsible for bringing volunteers to many winning campaigns and for building a young Republican base that is ready to take up the fight! I can’t forget the day two kids named Vito asked to learn what Russell and I do.  Now, The Vito & Vito Show is a staple of WAAR’s programming with a growing following of thousands on social media. I couldn’t be prouder of those two knuckleheads.

To be part of something that inspires others to act.  That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

And speaking of people who inspire, there are so many that I need to thank for contributing to this show, that I can’t name them all! But I have to talk about Russ Gallo – he’s the engine that makes the show go. His passion for the movement, his drive, and his fire – they inspire me to keep going. Just listen to one of his rants. He’s unapologetic and unafraid. Without Russ Gallo, there is no Behind Enemy Lines. Words cannot describe his impact on my life personally and professionally.

I want to win this award for him. I want to win this award for all my friends that have given of themselves to this show – asking nothing in return – because they believed in me.

And in the end, that’s what Behind Enemy Lines is for us – an outlet for our passion. This isn’t our job. We’re in this for the love of the game. No banner ads. No pitchmen. We’re in this for the right reasons. Everyone of us has day jobs, bills, expenses, family to support – just like you. But we do this, too. Because we love it. Because it means something to us to be part of this movement. Because we are willing to sacrifice for what we believe.

So to those of you who can vote for this award, please find below, submitted for your approval, our 2014 playlist. Pick a show. Pick a few shows. Check out the diversity of the programming – from serious news and features, to irreverent humor, to a group of friends acting like political nerds and wonkin’ out to crosstabs on a poll.

Check out who we had in our Best of 2014 compilation. And then, if you like what you hear, please vote for us next week for this esteemed honor.

Thank you National Blogger Club. Thank you WAAR. Thank you, Wayne. And thank you for reading. Now, go vote for Behind Enemy Lines!

About Gene Berardelli

Gene Berardelli is a noted Republican election law attorney, a civil litigator, a blogger and host of Behind Enemy Lines, a internet radio show that features urban Republicans broadcasting from "The People's Republic of New York City" detailing the "fight from within the belly of the Liberal beast" on We Are America Radio Wednesday nights at 10 PM.

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