PODCAST: Guest Jim Lysaght of #RedNationRising

Founder of grassroots organization, Red Nation Rising, joins You Know What…? with Stacy Rush to discuss the importance of the mid-term elections.

Jim Lysaght discusses the organization he founded four days after the 2012 Presidential election when the hashtag he used in a tweet, #RedNationRising, went viral.

#RedNationRising offered many who were shocked at the election results a place to rally and bring together conservatives, libertarians, and moderates who stand for liberty and the Constitution.

Dr. Scott Barbour joined YKW as co-host and will return the first Monday of each month to answer your #Ebola and #Obamacare questions.

You can catch You Know What…? With Stacy Rush on WAARadio, Mondays at 10 pm est. Listen live at WayndDupree.com/radiolive


About Stacy Rush

Stacy is the creator and editor of TheRightRush.com. She is a common sense conservative who decided she could no longer stand on the sidelines and watch the country fall apart.

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