PODCAST: Mark Walker (R-NC), SNL Roasts Obama, and Falling Gas Prices-For Real

On Monday night’s Ninja Chick’s show, the girls welcomed Elly Maye as a special guest co-host. Mark Walker, a Republican candidate in North Carolina’s 6th District, joined the Chicks as the guest in the first half of the show. Having served as a minister and worked in the world of finance, he knows what America needs right now. His website is http://walker4nc.com/content/page/about.

During the second half of the show, the Chicks discussed SNL’s obliterating of Obama, and how the Ebola outbreak is his greatest accomplishment. In one segment, they dissected his entire presidency. It was priceless. The two Islamic jihadist attacks from this week were discussed, one in Canada and the other in New York. Canada is calling it a terror attack, while the Obama Administration has been less than specific. Workplace violence? This led into a conversation about self-defense, and how both attacks were thwarted by someone who was armed. Lastly, the Chicks discussed the “real” reason for falling gas prices. Yes, that’s a real thing today. The reason is for all the things the Left wants to discredit: Fracking, etc. The oil and gas industry is working, and if given a chance, this could be the key to our independence from OPEC.

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Janna Brock is a staunch Christian conservative with a passion for writing about all topics that have to do with civil liberties, the gay agenda, Islam, and the the atrocities of the Obama Administration.

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