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PODCAST: Obama Blowin’ Smoke Claiming ISIS Isn’t Islamic – Gary Gatehouse

Once again, the stealth Muslim Obama stands up for Islam. Once again, he denies that Islam is not party to Jihad. Once again, Obama speaks of Islam as a religion that is peaceful, yet in the Quran – that book in which Muslims read from every day – Mohammed instructs Muslims to follow the teachings of Islam with no room for other interpretation.

His cabinet, advisers, political party and those who voted for him at the ballot box support Obama – by opinion, statements on his behalf, arguments on his behalf… You are all losers, and no better than your liar, coward, backstabbing leader Barack Hussein Obama.

About Alicé Leuchte

Alicé is the former Secretary of the Alaska Republican Party, a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus, and currently consults for Republican & liberty efforts nationwide. Her political focus is on communications, process integrity & diversity, and she challenges her fellow citizens to become part of the dialogue.

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