PODCAST: Politibunny On The Attack – Conservative Mafia Show with Vito & Vito – 10-2

It’s a machine-gun-style show y’all… and no, crazy #MomsDemand ppl, I didn’t fire a machine gun on the air but that would have been sorta rad, eh? No, what that means is I talked about a bunch of topics from listeners “machine gun style” on the show. No one single topic, but lots of topics with quick sound bytes on each.

At the half I welcomed Vito DiGiovanni and Vito Palmeri of The Vito and Vito Show, which just so happens to be on WAAR right before me.

Machine guns. Italians… I wonder if I should call this show the Conservative Mafia? Oh, and of course we went over this week’s top 10 douchebags. So listen!

No really, don’t make me make you an offer you can’t refuse.

About Alicé Leuchte

Alicé is the former Secretary of the Alaska Republican Party, a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus, and currently consults for Republican & liberty efforts nationwide. Her political focus is on communications, process integrity & diversity, and she challenges her fellow citizens to become part of the dialogue.

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