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PODCAST: Radio Red Nation Rising – GOP Leadership Selling Out Conservatives

In this episode, Patty Boylen and myself discuss Obama’s executive amnesty, specifically whether or not it will be defunded and the immediate effects on the economy. In another segment we talk about the heroic actions of the Oath Keepers in Ferguson and how they were treated by local and federal law enforcement. We also discuss the Grand Jury decision on Eric Garner and played some great audio from a couple of liberal jack-asses.

The GOP leadership is not carrying out the will of the voters. America spoke in November and now the establishment crowd is thumbing their noses and rushing a spending bill that will not even be read by Congress. DHS will be funded into February and the damage will be done. Fellow conservatives, they’re stabbing us in the back. It’s time to make some noise.

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About Jared Day

Jared is an Arizona Conservative involved in local politics, currently working on a U.S. Senate campaign. He is the founder and Exec. Director of and R.L. Media ConsultantsJared is a freelance writer

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