PODCAST: Radio Red Nation Rising with Guest Leah Christie from Not On This Watch

Founder of NotOnThisWatch Media Network, Leah Christie, joined host Timothy Shea Monday to help us understand why the campaign to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House is essential for the November election results to have any practical impact on stopping the runaway Leftist shredding of the Constitution and to offer some ways that we can make our voices heard in Washington.

NotOnThisWatch Media Network is a developing interactive new media startup that creates value by discovering, intersecting, examining, and connecting back government processes to our news consumption and the civic duties of the American citizenry.

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Host Timothy Shea @timbotim62
Producer Jared Day @ResistGlobalism
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About Jared Day

Jared is an Arizona Conservative involved in local politics, currently working on a U.S. Senate campaign. He is the founder and Exec. Director of RebootingLiberty.com and R.L. Media ConsultantsJared is a freelance writer atExaminer.com.

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