Podcast: The Vito and Vito Show – Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Vito and Vito have a few more interviews to share with you from the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.

We interviewed Kelly Shackelford, the author from the Liberty Institute who wrote the book “Undeniable”, which we gave away on last week’s show to a lucky listener.

We interviewed Ryan Bomberger from The Radiance Foundation and TooManyAborted.com and his fight for a pro-life world.

Last, but not least, we were happy to interview former Presidential Candidate and retiring Congresswoman Michele Bachmann who said,

“Vito squared forever!”



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Vito is the host of "The Vito and Vito Show" every Thursday at 8pm on WAARadio on Live365.com. Vito is a college conservative in Brooklyn, New York who is determined to expose liberal lies and help restore America!

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