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Podcast: The Vito and Vito Show – Houston Attacking Religious Liberty & Ebola

Vito and Vito spoke about the latest on the Ebola outbreak and how President Obama should stop flights from West Africa, not because we’re racist, but we want to protect Americans!

Also, Houston’s mayor is subpoenaing pastors’ sermons to make sure nobody speaks bad about homosexuality. Ever hear of the First Amendment?!

Also, Vito and Vito discuss some Midterm election races including local New York 11 and North Carolina’s race between Sen. Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis.


About Vito DiGiovanni

Vito is the host of "The Vito and Vito Show" every Thursday at 8pm on WAARadio on Vito is a college conservative in Brooklyn, New York who is determined to expose liberal lies and help restore America!

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