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Police Officer RIPS Mother Who Left Kids In Car — Do You Want Me To Seize Your Kids?

The police officer in the video below was not happy at all when he learned this mother left her children in the car while she went to do other things.

As you will hear in the video below, this cop was livid. A lot of you will agree, some parents in this world should have children. Individuals like this mother, take their children for granted and can’t handle the responsibility of parenting them, so they leave them to fend for themselves. I believe it’s a sickness or some mental problem.

Either way, this police officer didn’t wait for a quiet space to show his emotions, he couldn’t contain it what he was feeling, and he got to it. Hopefully, it will work, and this mother will see the light.

Officer: Your children could have died.

Mom: (inaudible)

Officer: No, no, you don’t seem to understand the danger you put your children in

Mom: (inaudible)

Officer: No, listen to me. You’re talking when you should be listening. Your childen could have died. Your windows were up, it’s hot out, It takes two (inaudible)

Mom: (inaudible)

Officer: Why are you arguing? Do you want me to seize your kids so you can never see them again?

Watch the rest of the video below. If you are unable to view the video on your mobile device, please click here:

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