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PolitiBunny On the Attack with Sam Janney – Strike THIS

PODCAST – Thought I’d take a break from STRIKING at my local McDonalds and do the write up for my show. 😉 OK, so I’m not striking but that’s funny, right? And of course I will be talking about those poor schmucks striking for $15 an hour, a strike instigated by the vultures at SEIU. Talking minimum wage, the poor and how Democrats have all but destroyed the notion of hard work in our country.

My guest is Jennifer Jacques who will join me during the second half of the show even though her Packers are on… that’s dedication y’all. When Jennifer comes on we’ll talk Scott Walker (squee!) and discuss the idiotic Debbie “WAS-A-MAN” Schultz. All that plus this week’s Top 10 douchebags as nominated by y’all.

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