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Political Band-Aids and Culture Scars

Government, taxes, and voting, one thing is for certain, politics is not everyone’s thing. We get that, we really do. What about young people though? I mean, how do we reach them? Why does the GOP have such a difficult time understanding this demographic? Sadly, many of them are more interested in other trivial things and do not quite grasp how politics truly affects them. They would much rather watch reality television, listen to music, and sit down while enjoying an episode of Jon Stewart or Saturday Night Live than paying attention to a political pundit. We know these things, but do you know who else does? Democrats do for crying out loud and they have been taking advantage of this for quite awhile! What am I getting at with this? The Republican Party needs to adapt in how they attract and recruit young voters. They need to spread their message in a very different way. They need to use different people. They don’t have to change the overall message, just the messenger and delivery. This is crucial.

Young people in America have very low attention spans in regards to politics, so we as conservatives must reach them in creative and different ways. Liberals have been doing a much better job at reaching the youth in this country because of many different factors. They know what to bring to the table. Be funny. Be creative. Exercise freedom of speech and poke fun of people. Stop all the political correctness and tell a damn joke already! Liberals realize what the youth enjoy and they run with it. They eat it up. They use money to invest in television shows, music, movies, games, voting drives, and much more to reach out to attract these individuals. They do so by adding fun and excitement. Let’s face it; they do a damn good job at it too.

The major point to all of this is the GOP needs to look at our society and realize that it has changed. They need to use their available resources in order to attract the youth. They simply need to engage more. They need to stop being afraid of certain groups like they’re a plague. Speak up and do something! This goes towards minority groups as well. We all know that most liberals and uninformed voters think the Republican Party is just a bunch of old, racist, rich white guys. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but unless they engage with these groups, they’ll continue to hold onto their preconceptions. Political activists often surround themselves with like-minded individuals who share their ideas and concerns. The problem with this is, many times they shield themselves from the other side and fail to engage. This has to change in order to truly educate and convert anyone. Don’t just sit around and wonder when change is coming. Be part of change and do something. Don’t be the one who asks if someone had just only done something, we could have seen change. Be that someone! Be that change!

Our society is full of diverse and brilliant individuals, but it also consists of just regular Joes and everyday citizens. Many who are just content with doing their own thing and not worrying about politics. This may sound bizarre to those of us involved, but this is part of our culture. We must address it, but how? We have to take an interest. Find out what motivates and interests these young men and women. What are they watching and where are they going for excitement? With this information, we can truly engage with them on a personal level. We need to gain their trust. We cannot continue to place political band-aids on the wounds of our culture any longer. We must find out the root cause of the problem and fix it. Our culture has many scars, but unless we want to truly make a difference, then we will continue losing elections. “We must fight” many conservatives will say. We must make changes. We have to reach the youth or find a new messenger. These are all well and good, but we have to dig deeper and do more.

We also have to unite with those who share similar interests and goals. Libertarians and Conservatives have very similar views with only a few differences, but unless we unite as one strong group we are simply missing out. Liberals know this. They want us to fight amongst each other because just as Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We can unite together and become a very strong force going up against liberalism. The next point that must be addressed is how to reach out to Blacks and other minorities. Here’s a novel idea. Go to them! Set-up offices, events, and outreach centers in the Black neighborhoods and speak to them. Engage with those who may differ or simply do not know and you’ll be amazed with the reaction. It’s about being involved and not scared of what someone may say or how they may disagree with you. Republicans have to make some changes in their outreach strategy because it obviously has not been working. Many of us who are involved and speak to people of all color realize the misconceptions and false accusations, but there isn’t anyone to dispute them. Liberals can continue telling these groups whatever they’d like, but unless the GOP steps up and finds a backbone, then nothing will change.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

The culture scars remain and can be found in many different neighborhoods, but you don’t simply place a band-aid on them to cover them up. You become the change. You fix the issue. You correct the accusations and you engage with those who have misunderstood you for decades. It’s like an absent parent or an uninterested teacher. If you fail to show up, you lose their trust. Period. If the Republican Party wants to truly see some changes with how they are viewed by Blacks and other minorities, then they must become involved. The history is on their side, but they need more than that. They need to be present and educate those who have been misled for years. They must explain how independence, liberty, and economic freedom are better off then relying on government dependency. They must articulate how these things truly affect the Black communities and why things have not improved. When and if they are able to start educating and advocating for conservative principles to the youth and minority groups, then they will be back in the driver’s seat to enter victory lane once again. Until then, they’ll continue to be blinded by the sun and looking at nothing but tail-lights.

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