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Political Support Has Transcended Politics

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Bottom line up front BLUF as they say in the military, You cannot support Barak Hussein Obama and the United States of America at the same time. You can only support one of the two. Our nation has been underserved by our Leftist public sector union controlled government school system. We have tens of millions of “citizens” of voting age that do not understand what America is, how we became what we are and what that has meant for us and the entire world. Too many of these indoctrinated souls are embarrassed of our country. We have grown into spoiled rich kids in some ways and take for granted the fruits of our forefathers struggles.

The Democrat party has been a brutally racist organization from the beginning and remains one to this day. It amazes me that such a large part of our nation has such a deficiency of critical thinking skills. There are Democrats who have no idea the savage history of their beloved party or the subtle racism with which they legislate and rule. At the beginning of the twentieth century a scourge called Progressivism crept into the federal government via the Democrat party. Woodrow Wilson, an academic was elected President in 1913 and immediately replaced 15 of 17 black federal supervisors with whites. From there the official Democrat segregation of the entire federal government began. The Georgia office of the IRS fired all black employees stating that a Negro’s place was in the corn field. Democrat initiated Jim Crow was now coast to coast. Wilson ran his reelection campaign with a staying out of the war theme and then after elected shipped our boys “over there”.

I know many a young person that has been deceived by the huge all encompassing culturally Marxist apparatus that is everywhere. The default position for any lazy go along to get along young American is to jump on the popular and heartfelt liberal  bandwagon. This is not surprising. Unless you were lucky enough to go to private schools you have been educated by a unionized workforce that owes it’s very survival to liberal lawmakers to stay in power. Some of the things being uncovered by conservatives while scrutinizing textbooks is truly criminal, but I’ll save that for another time. You are surrounded by a decaying culture where spanking has become a crime, homosexuality is gay, insurance companies, banks, coal, oil, steel, meat, manufacturers, guns and a host of other American icons and resources are evil and Che Guevara, homosexual “marriage”,  single parent households, occupy parasites, liars, tax cheats, welfare recipients and government schools are glorified and in some cases worshiped. I get it. Consider this our come to Jesus moment.

The one thing that Leftist Democrats have to do to stay in power is to make you believe they are something other than what they really are. Got that ? There are two kinds of Democrats, the committed Leftist (Communist) and you who have been fooled. I have never believed that there are millions of Communists in America, only a few and these few have fooled millions. You think your party is for equality and it is not. I cited a brief period at the beginning of this post but there are many instances of overt and covert racism and every other ism in the dictionary connected to the Democrat party. Leftists campaign to the right and rule from the Left. You think the Democrat party is for the middle class, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. For the totalitarian tyrants in DC and state capitols today, the destruction of the middle class is paramount. ObamaCare was never about insurance it’s two goals are the destruction of the middle class through massive wealth redistribution and movement to nationwide (minus the ruling class) Socialist government control of all aspects of life in America going forward (single payer health care). If you are a productive member of society and I know millions are not, and you haven’t been stung by ObamaCare yet, stand by for personal pain.

President Obama, the first half African President’s favorability ratings have slipped to 37% as of this writing. Why is that ? Because some of you are realizing that you have been fooled. I refuse to gloat about that because I have stated on my radio show for the last few years that three things were going to save America: black Americans, women and Democrats who were used as useful idiots. I’m sorry but especially for those who voted to reelect they really played on your lack of critical thinking. Now that you are pissed off at this administration, let’s talk about the future. The Leftists will throw Obama over the cliff just as soon as he becomes a liability and that will happen soon. Please remember this, it is NOT about Obama. The reason I started with Wilson and I could have gone back farther is to illustrate that this has been a long ride and if we play this right it could be over soon.

Some have said to me in debate well what about [insert Republican here] he was just as bad and raised taxes or some other Leftist act ? This used to be really hard for me to defend. After the last few years it is not anymore. To all Democrats who want to use this tactic with me into the future, don’t bother I will concede the argument to you. You are right, and in the lead up to 2014 you will begin to see the solutions. Pay attention to Kentucky and South Carolina and by then who knows maybe Arizona and Texas. We are going to clean the Republican party up and you will have a front row seat.

The Left will coalesce around the Butcher of Benghazi next in all probability, but Elizabeth Cherokee Warren is making some noise from her Left. It’s not really from her Left only her lying campaign Left. Hillary is a Communist to the core. Did you ever wonder why conservative talk radio and blogs have skyrocketed to where now we are issued media passes to major political events ? The other casualty of this Leftist surge perpetrated by the Obama administration has been the corrupt propagandists at the major news networks. We must be forever vigilant in ensuring their continuing demise. The free market is taking it’s toll on this wing of the Democrat party and that is good. They are like the trick birthday cake candles that you blow out and then they relight, we have to stay on them until they are extinguished and replaced.

Now you can understand the first sentence of this rant. You either believe that each citizen is a sovereign entity with rights endowed by their creator or you believe in a man and ideology that is and has been trying to destroy the most outstanding and advanced country in the history of the Earth. You cannot support both at the same time, they are opposites. Godfather Out

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Hutch Bailie Jr. is a conservative podcast host and opinion journalist specializing in national security issues. He is currently branching off into video analysis of the issues of the day. Hutch currently co-anchors Steel City Resistance on Sunday evenings and Cold War Radio Monday Wednesday and Friday. He is a periodic contributor and substitute anchor on the Wayne Dupree Show and panelist on the Wayne Dupree video series. His primary studio is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

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