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Pools of Racial Segregation: McKinney Texas

Segregation was well into the grave by the time the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, which was the final nail in the coffin. Lets do a quick bit of math here. If you were born one year later, having never lived directly in a nation with institutionalized segregation, you’re turning 50 this year. 5-0. Half a century. Your child-rearing years are almost certainly behind you and odds are you’re even a grandparent by now. By the way, happy 50th birthday.

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Imperial Wizard of the KKK?

However, that several generations wide gap did not stop writers from both Slate and The Atlantic from tying the McKinney pool party incident to 5+ decades old public pool segregation, presumably straight-faced. Maybe the next time someone of Japanese descent gets arrested they can correlate it with Internment. Like the villains from Temple of Doom reviving a cult that had been dead for at least half a century, no pun intended as the Thuggees were the origin of thug, white supremacists spontaneously rose up in McKinney to reestablish public pool segregation.

Others like The Guardian have brought up that Officer Casebolt, who has now officially resigned, was sued in 2007 for racial profiling. Yeah, and McDonald’s was sued for hot coffee once. Turns out the suit was withdrawn. As in, the plaintiff had bupkis. Hard to argue profiling when you’re caught red-handed after you’re pulled over and an officer, who sees these things everyday on the job, recognizes the signs of illegal activity. It’s summed up nicely by Al Pacino talking to Robin Williams in Insomnia.

You don’t get it do you Finch? You’re my job. You’re what I’m paid to do. You’re about as mysterious to me as a blocked toilet is to a f*****g plumber.

Another fun fact. Although the Thuggee cult of India derived their origins from the Hindu god, Kali, when the British finally started stamping them out in the 1830’s a large percentage of the ones they captured alive were Muslim. Now there are reports of the religious group Nation of Islam setting up shop in McKinney. But I digress.

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