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POPULAR MESSAGE? GOP frontrunner Trump calls out his side of the tracks! CEO salaries are ‘joke” and “disgrace”

U.S. Republican party presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said on Sunday high salaries paid to chief executives were a “joke” and a “disgrace” and said these were often approved by company boards stacked with the CEO’s friends.

I totally agree as do most of you. It’s the good ole boy network taking care of each other. Yes, a company needs strong leaders, but also strong, healthy workers.

No, I say, NO, CEO should make 100 times the median wage in its company. Boards should cap CEO pay at ten times new fair wage and bonus/stock option more than five times their salary should be taxed at 75%. This will encourage companies to invest in shareholders and employees.

It’s a good thing Trump is paying for his campaign. ..the head honchos that would have bought him would try to bury him!

Donald Trump
The CEOS have been making money hand over fist for decades, now. They won’t accept that willingly. I don’t disagree, but the Corporate heads have ways of getting what they want, including all the perks they believe they’re entitled to. There won’t be too many that would be afraid to shut the business down and head overseas, putting many people out of work. This could backfire badly. Hate to say it, but they will do whatever they believe they have to, not to pay their fair share.

With the exception of Trump, I am concerned with the number of extreme candidates that both the RNC and DNC have chosen. If a candidate does not use their campaign funds, the money should be returned to the donors in proportion to the amount they originally contributed. It should not go to the RNC or the DNC because there is no guarantee the next candidate that the RNC or DNC supports will have the same views. These organizations is too powerful and too extreme.

Trump is correct that this has to change. Maybe America needs someone like Trump, who can’t be bought by the one%ers.

An economic revelation is required in America. Focus on the economy, not abortion and the bedroom.

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