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Popular Uber service says no to gunowners

Brilliant. Uber owns no cars, expects its drivers to provide all the equipment and liability for driving, and now expects to control their drivers’ actions in their own vehicles.

The multi-billion dollar ride service Uber has reportedly banned both its drivers and passengers from carrying firearms during rides. Uber made the change earlier this month in order to make passengers and drivers “feel more comfortable” according to company statements.

Uber had previously taken the same stance as many other companies in the United States and simply defaulted to following local laws in regards to the legal carry of firearms.

Uber gun

Earlier this year, in April, a concealed carrying Uber driver stopped a possible mass shooting in Chicago as a man with a gun opened fire on pedestrians near the driver’s car. He was hailed as a hero.

Uber’s popularity in the United States has been growing rapidly over the last year. The service is now in over 250 US cities and is making a huge dent in the traditional taxi service model. While a normal taxi pickup can take anywhere from 10-45 minutes, an Uber pickup can be instantly requested through the mobile app and usually takes less than a few minutes.

We must hope Uber’s insurer is prepared to assume liability for the results of disarming law-abiding citizens traveling in urban surroundings.

What do you think about this decision? Are you an Uber passenger? Will this affect you using them in the future? 

Source: Fox News, USNews


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