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POWERFUL! — Jordan’s Queen Rania exposes ISIS: They want to separate us along religion and culture!

I usually do not frequent the Huffington Post or check out it’s content but when I came across this video interview of Editor-In-Chief Arianna Huffington and Jordan’s Queen Rania al-Abdullah at the WorldPost Future of Work Conference speaking on ISIS, I had to post.

Queen Rania is not afraid expose the truth in that part of the world and that takes guts! Queen Rania dismissed the religious intentions behind the extremist group’s gains in Iraq and Syria.


She claimed that the fight against ISIS is not a fight against Islam, but against a group that is attempting to revert our way of life back to a more primitive era.

“What the extremists want is to divide our world along fault lines of religion and culture. A lot of people in the West may have stereotypes against Arabs and Muslims. But really what this fight is, is a fight between the civilized world and a bunch of crazy people who really want to take us back to medieval times,” Queen Rania said. “Once we see it that way, then we realize that this is about all of us coming together to defend our way of life.”

One proposed method Queen Rania has for convincing the public to view the battle against ISIS in her more enlightened way is by removing the first ‘I’ from the group’s name. “I would love to drop the first ‘I’ in ISIS because there’s nothing Islamic about them.”

She claims that the group uses Islam, and the West’s perceived campaign against the religion, as a recruiting method. She believes the battle would be more effective if Arabs and Muslims led the war against the group, along with the support of the international community.

Check out this bold leader take a stance:

What do you think of this interview? She took a bold step didn’t she? Share your thoughts below and add this to your twitter/facebook timeline today.

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