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President-Elect Trump Nabs RNC Chairman Priebus As Chief Of Staff

I see rumblings among social media users about RNC Chairman Reince Priebus as the new White House Chief of Staff. Here’s where I stand on the issue.

Priebus has been with President-Elect Trump for the last 3-4 months. Trump has learned his character and what makes him work. I know there are a lot of us who think Priebus is the wrong guy for the position. I mean some even think of him as an insider but what I do know, he brought back the RNC from Michael Steele hell so maybe he should be given a chance.

For those of you who suddenly know more than Donald Trump, yeah, right. He may not be my pick but I trust him. Remember that very few people trusted him and he knew what he was doing all along. After all, he can hire and fire these people if they don’t do their jobs. He’s not a fool.

During the campaign, Reince unloaded some tough as nails love when Trump’s inexperience was becoming self-destructive, but he was also the first to right the ship when Trump showed he could learn to play politics without compromising his integrity. I think Reince gained a lot of respect for Trump when many insiders jumped ship while Trump didn’t flinch, and his loyalty and commitment to stay the course played a huge part in the overall victory.

There is no doubt Reince is a good man who also learned ALOT about himself and what needed to change within the party, and I’m sure Reince and Trump have confidence in each other because they stood their ground and butted heads hard when they needed to make a point.

Reince is also well spoken, fair, and a class act.

Some didn’t find it all that great of news:

Priebus stood by Trump when all the other Republicans wanted to drop him. He said Trump was the candidate chosen by the people and he WOULD be the Rep candidate. He weathered the tough times and never waivered. Trump has to have a few insiders that knows the government ropes and he picked a good one! Great choice! Priebus gained my respect throughout the campaign. Proud for him!

How do you feel about Trump choosing Priebus? Share your voices below in the comment section.

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