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President Obama May be ISIS’ Greatest Benefactor!

After the fall of Ramadi earlier this week, President Obama said during an interview on Tuesday that he doesn’t believe we are losing the war against ISIS. This is the same man who referred to ISIS as the JV team of terrorist organizations. He also announced to the world that he had no real strategy for fighting ISIS. President Obama once again showcased his level of cluelessness for running our country, when on Wednesday, he addressed this year’s graduating cadets of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and told them that the greatest threat to our national security is “climate change.”

President Obama Makes Statement In The Briefing Room Of White House

We have seen the scourge of ISIS continue to spread throughout the Middle East. Young people here in the U.S., as well as, in the countries of many of our allies have been radicalized through local mosques, and social media. They have either attempted to travel, or have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS. Yet, President Obama has failed to adequately address the situation.

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While many Republicans in Congress have called for the use of ground troops in the war against ISIS, President Obama has refused to commit any at this point. Airstrikes and continued training of Iraqi forces seem to have yielded little in the way of progress. Although, he says Kurdish forces have prevented ISIS from having much success in northern Iraq, he has failed to adequately supply them. Iraqi forces have been lackluster at best, having left tons of weapons and equipment for ISIS to seize from the beginning of the war. The Iraqi Air Force even dropped weapons into ISIS-held territory “by mistake” earlier this month. Now, ISIS has posted photos of their new equipment on social media, and has thanked President Obama for these gifts.

The president doesn’t want to do anything against his Muslim brothers. Therefore, he will never address the ISIS situation in any way that will assure a victory. He will continue to be the laughing-stock he has become, both here at home and abroad, dragging our nation along for the ride.

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