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President Obama’s Real Income Inequality

Last week, Obama declared once again that he wants to support equal pay for men and women. However, his words and actions show another inconsistency. His policies have created more income inequality and here are some of the reasons why not only Obama is a hypocrite regarding income inequality for gender, but income inequality in general.

1)    Obamacare

We know that Americans were promised they would see a $2500 decrease in their premiums, when in fact it has gone up an average of $7500, a $10,000 swing. With the cost of Obamacare in the trillions, the rich aren’t the individuals being negatively impacted. It is only the middle and poor class, the two classes Obama claims to stand for. The reason Bill Gates or Warren Buffett don’t object to Obamacare because any increase in prices for them is peanuts.

2)    White House staff

It isn’t new to find out that the female staff in the White House is making less than the men. A    report from the Daily Caller found that the median 2013 salary for men and women was $73,729 and $65,000, respectively. If Obama wants to talk about income inequality, he should first look at his own staff. Even though they claim their gap is better than others, they’re still hypocritical for having the gap, no matter how small they claim it to be.

3)    Average family income plummets

The median household income has decreased 7.3%, from January 2009 to June 2012 from $54,983 to $50,964, a loss of $4,019.

4)    More taxes

Obama lied when he claimed nobody making under $250,000 a year would see any form of tax increase. Since his inauguration in 2009, the middle and poor class have been burdened with countless forms of new taxes, leading more people to poverty.

It is Obama’s policies that have resulted in the lost income for the middle and lower class, and we know Obama is stubborn and narcissistic to not take anyone else’s advice. He will keep pushing his policies, no matter how much they have failed, and therefore, make it impossible to get rid of the burden on average Americans with the same, reckless policies.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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