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Presidential candidate or televangelist? What is Ted Cruz’s true calling?

Many people haven’t spoken publicly about this because they don’t want to be scorned, but if you are to tell a tree by their fruit, there are a lot of Christian conservatives who aren’t in harvest season.

I feel I can talk on this because I am the son of Pastor and Sunday School Superintendent, and I am also not perfect. I know I have faults and try to get over them the best way I know how. However, I do this walk with God as a personal thing. I don’t force it on anyone, and I don’t tear down someone for their religious beliefs except radical Islam. That’s another thing

I totally agree with a lot of voter sentiment, and I am not happy with having religion stuffed down my throat, no matter who does it.


It’s not pretty, and it’s not right. Everyone who believes in God and the Bible, have a personal relationship that they cultivate and grow on their own. If someone watches you and views the God in you, there’s a strong possibility they will want what you have. Using this on an election trail is wrong.

People want to hear about the issues, break it down piece by piece for the everyday man to understand. So my question to Senator Ted Cruz is this, “Are you trying to be a televangelist or presidential candidate?”

From Opposing Views:

Cruz asked his supporters to pray to “Father God” for just “one minute a day” to “continue this spirit of revival” and “awaken the body of Christ that we may pull back from the abyss,” notes the Gateway Pundit.

This call has become a familiar refrain for Cruz’s stump speeches in Iowa, which often include “sweeping arm gestures, pregnant pauses, a pursed-lip chortle at precisely the same moment each time,” notes the Toronto Star.

The Guardian reports that Cruz also raises his right hand, and puts his left hand on an imaginary Bible

Check out this quick segment before the Iowa caucus vote on Monday:

Watching this video, I tend to remember Jimmy Swaggart, Reverend Ike, Oral Roberts, Robert Schuler, and Jerry Falwell. I grew up watching them on TV in my father’s house, but I knew what they were doing. I am not entirely sure what Cruz is doing.

America needs a revival I agree. Pushing your religion in Iowa and preaching in their churches played to your strength and to say it didn’t isn’t honest. What will you do for the rest of the states that want to hear policy and the real reason to vote for you.

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.

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