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Presidential contenders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz rally Americans — #StopIranDeal Highlights

Republican presidential rivals and friends-for-now Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on Wednesday savaged the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran, calling it an incompetently negotiated deal that will cost “countless” American and Israeli lives.

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Before this rally even took place, let us remember another Obama campaign lie and there were many, Iran will not get nuclear weapons if he is president. Then in 2012 an open mike catches him promising Russian PM Medvedev that he will have more flexibility after the election.

The first thing that happens when John Kerry gets confirmed as the new Secretary of State, his admin opens talks with Iran and then we get this deal. Iran gets nuclear weapons and so much more.

Iran’s ultimate goal is to wipe out Israel, and our country is turning its back on them. Do you know who is second on their list to wipe out? Yep America. Deal or no deal they want to destroy everyone, but themselves so let’s give them billions of dollars to help them accomplish their goals.

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The Democrats don’t care about America or this rally. Mitch McConnell is a coward. John Boehner has already surrendered. It is just a good rally point to keep conservatives together and to create a larger base of conservatives for the upcoming election. Democrats are only in DC to block the GOP from stopping Obama.

Here are some of the significant points by GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz:

Here is CNN breaking down what happened:

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