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Priebus: Colorado delegate complaining is distracting; most people don’t care about it

Do you find it funny the more they defend it, the more they lose.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said complaining about the way Colorado’s delegates were chosen is “distracting.” He then SHOCKED me when he also said this:

“it really isn’t something that most people give a darn about.”

Priebus and the GOP Establishment are giving the bird to actual Republican primary voters. Steal the nomination and expect to receive the bird from millions of Trump supporters.


“I think it’s a little too late to complain after the fact that a particular state’s process isn’t something that you like. What is true is that the system can be changed, but it has to be changed at the [national] convention if people want to change it with the delegates. That’s how our system rules are written.”

“I don’t write the rules for the Republican party, the delegates at the convention write the rules for the Republican party.”

His comments are EXACTLY why voters are turning against the GOP grand pooh-bahs. He is completely out of order. . .and apparently clueless when he says that people “don’t care” if the Coloradans have been disenfranchised. We are about to see how many of them in Colorado do care.

What do you think about Priebus’ interview and does he have a point or do you think he’s just defending the establishment way of saving the party. Share your opinions (below).

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